The Kansas City Cradle

Kansas City Cradle

Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, Baby Hub of the Country

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Picture from the Kansas City Star, July 12, 1945 


An envelope from Harry M. Evans home finding society

Thanks to Missouri Adoptees Rights Movement, you will now be able to request a copy of your original birth certificate!

Most people are unaware of Kansas City’s prevalent role in America’s history of adoptions.

Kansas City, at one time, was a big city where young girls could come from around the Midwest, and from other points around the country, be anonymous, deliver their babies and then go home to try to rebuild their lives.

Kansas City had several maternity homes and orphanages; the biggest and perhaps the longest lasting was The Willows; there were also The Kansas City Cradle (previously The Harry M. Evans Children’s Home Finding Society), and St. Anthony’s.

These homes spoke of a different time in our country. A time when social welfare programs were less readily available, where children raised in single parent homes would face stigma and bear the burdens of their parents “sins”, and lastly, before DNA testing, where a man’s denial could change the course of a young pregnant girls life.

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