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Missouri Adoption Search Tips

If you have any tips, tricks, or advice, please feel free to contact me so I can add them to the site.

Disclaimer: My website is free, not a money making venture. I am not in business with ANY of the companies I recommend here. I do NOT receive proceeds from their business. I do have their permission to publish contact information.

- Contact the county of your birth and/or adoption and request all information available to you, citing MO Senate Bill 351.

- John Apel - John has a copy of the Kansas City, Missouri, birth index. The years span from 1915-1988. He's able to help adoptees and birth parents. He can be reached via email here or here. Make sure your subject indicates you're contacting him for adoption research. His phone number is 773-792-1298. You can also find him on Facebook

- Miracle Search Network - I had three people independently recommend Paul Brown to me.

My personal experience with John Apel & Miracle Search Network? They were both nice gentleman who independently gave me the same birth name. I have not used them to conduct a search beyond that, but have heard good things of both.  

- Findagrave - try looking up bio moms maiden name

- Establish a radius, I've heard 50 miles is a good start.

- The Daily Record (on microfiche in the Downtown Kansas City (MO) Public Library) ran "birth certificates" or a birth register. I don’t know what the year span is, but I know they did in 1944. I also went through and checked dockets for adoptions. It doesn't appear that they were published, or if they were, I might need to figure out what time of month.

- I found a search tip that said check the paper the week before the birth to see if it mentions the possible bio-mother being checked into the hospital. I scoured the KC Star for the week leading up to my grandmothers birth, and didn't see any such announcements being made. There was a society column, but it seems like an unwed mother in that time wouldn't really fit there.

- Crib Cards & lab reports - if you were lucky enough to have a family who kept this info.

- Jackson County Missouri, request non-identifying info

 -Missouri Adoptees registry

 -I.S.R.R. P.O. Box 2312, Carson City, Nevada, 89702-2312  (775) 882-7755 Complete the form.

 - Check with the state your adoption was finalized in if it was different that the state you were born in.

Family Tree DNA

- Kansas City Adult Adoptees. I believe this is found at KC library. I found it listed in the catalogue as the Kansas City Adoptologist.

- Social Security Letter Forwarding

- I tried calling KCMO, as they state on their website birth certificates can be ordered through them. They informed me they no longer hold those records and Jefferson City or the Jackson County Health Department would have to be contacted. I was also told there is no register of births by the day kept by Kansas City. (December 20, 2010) I contacted local hospitals and was told the same thing, they no longer keep birth records.

- I called the Missouri Department of Health at 573-751-6387. They informed me if I want vital stats (birth weight, length, etc), I want to specifically request a "Long Form" birth certificate. You can find the application here. I was told to write across the top of my request and in the reason box "Long form." Two weeks wait if I request it through the mail, 1 week wait if I order over the phone. The cost is $15. 

I did receive a copy of the long form birth certificate. It didn't provide any of the information I had hoped it might such as weight, length, time of birth, the hospital name, etc. It was handwritten information on a pre-printed form. It listed the adoptive name, the adoptive parents names, address and occupations, and the name of the doctor who "delivered" her. I assume it's true that he did actually deliver her, but his name has come up several times when researching adoption and he could have simply been certifying the birth. I'd be interested to know what that procedure was at the time. It was filed 1 year and 1 day after the actual birth.