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Were you born in 1938 and relinquished through the county? This info was very kindly, and freely, provided by page member Margo Daley-Soll. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get it out here for everyone. PLEASE if any of this is useful to you, I’d like feedback. It would be great to give Margo her props! This convo is slightly redacted. I wanted to glean the most important info:


Here is the story of "Joanne", the woman we were skeptical of at first who tuned out to have more information than any county or State records. Her name is Joanne Brooks. In 1992 her address was P.O. Box 582, Shawnee Mission, Kansas. She called her business Triad Investigations, phone number 913-422-2011. ….. She had my birthmothers maiden name, the small town in Missouri where she was from and her High School information. She sent me a list (for a fee, I don't remember how much - but very nominal) with My Birth name, my birthdate, my mothers maiden name, my adopted parents' names and their addresses. She was 100% right with her facts. My information was on what looks like an "intake list" from Eastside Maternity to the Kansa City Cradle" that included names and information on other babies born in April and June of 1938 that were adopted from the "Cradle". If this list is of interest to anyone you can either post on this website or contact me personally at


here is a list of adopted parents last names for which I have the child's birth name and the birth mother's name. They are on the same list as my name. I have another list of placements with adoptive parents names and the child's birth name but no birthmother's name. it appears that the child's birth name was always the same as the birthmother's last name, so it may still be very helpful. I have the complete info for babies that were adopted by the following parents: (last name only posted but I have complete info)

Adoptive parents last names: Jones of Seymour Iowa, Krutsinger of Kansas City MO, Lazarus or Norwich Kansas, Lee of Paola Kansas, Long of Urich MO, Masters of Omaha Nebraska, Malsness of Kansas City MO, McCowan of Fort Madison Iowa, McElroy Jr. of Kansas City Mo, McKinney of Great Bend, Kansas, Moxley of Manhattan Kansas, Murray of Whichita Kansas, Norman of Nevada MO, Norris of St. Joseph Mo. Here are the adoptive parents last names for which I have only the child's birth name but no birth mothers name. This is from the June 1938 Placement list. I don't have home towns for the adoptive parents on this list either. Swanson, Erickson, Beuscher, Gardner, Tuggle, Hudson, Parmenter, Ford, and DeLano I would guesstimate that many of these babies were born in March, April, May of 1938 ** An interesting note: Many of the birthmothers gave their daughters (including mine) their own names. My mother's name was Jean Ross and she named me Jean Ross. There are several of these where mother and daughter have the same name. I had always known my name at birth was Jean Ross but had no idea it was also my mother's name. I have not included first names of adoptive parents for privacy sake. My email address is if you would like more information. I would ask that you be able to tell me the adoptive parents first names so that I know you are truly a cradle baby or relative.


June 19, 1920 18 babies were ready to be placed at the home’s opening.

August 1920 16 children, from two weeks to 14 years were placed from the home.

September 13, 1920 6 babies had been placed recently in one day. The average population is twenty.  Recently, a two year-old boy, Henry, had been placed. His father had died a few months prior, and his mother, in order to support him, would lock him in the apartment through the day. Henry soon stopped talking.

December 20, 1920 24 “rollicking gifts” (babies) are available. Fay, six years old, gave her best woolen dress to her friend, Ruth, seven years old. Ruth was on her way to Fredonia, Kansas to live with a woman who also adopted her brother a sister after their parent's deaths the year prior. 15 of the children in the home at this time were babies between 1 and 4 years old. Louis was taken to the home of Mrs. R.J. Weaver during a whopping cough scare at the home. He was eventually adopted by a family in Wichita, KS.

December 24, 1920 Two dozen children were awaiting adoption.

April 4, 1921 30 children were awaiting adoption. Children of mothers who worked outside of the home were cared for through the day at the home.

April 14, 1921 The home had 8 boys it wished to place for adoption. The boys ranged in ages from 4-10. Two of the boys were brothers, aged 8 and 10 years old.

December 8, 1921 Lillian, age 7, was a resident of the home. Her parents were both deceased. She was taken in 5 years earlier by Juvenile Court authorities, and then placed into a home. November 1921, her adopted mother died, and her adopted father turned her back over to the Court as he couldn’t care for her. Lillian was described as having big gray eyes and brown hair.

December 22, 1921 A baby from the home died. This baby was born October 9, 1921.

December 23, 1921 A second baby from the home, Harnie  or Tomie Jones, born October 9, 1921, in MO, died this day.  His parents are listed as unknown on his death certificate, but in small print, over the mother's name, it looks like it says Lena or Lexy Jones. He was buried in Leeds Cemetery in KCMO on January 3, 1922.

Two other babies went to the hospital from the home December 16, and 6 more were admitted December 22.

December 24, 1921 A third baby, Ireta Allman, born November 11, 1921 in Missouri, passed away. This baby was admitted to the hospital December 22, 1921. Her mother is listed on her death certificate as Louise Allman (or Allmon). She was buried in Leeds Cemetery in Kansas City, MO, January 3, 1922.

December 27, 1921 Five babies from the home have died by this date. Two on this date are:

Thomas Blake, born November 4, 1921 in Missouri at the General Hospital. His parents are both listed as unknown. He was buried 1/3/1922 in Leeds Cemetery, Kansas City, MO.

Ruth Marie Alburn, born October 8, 1921, in Kansas City, MO; died December 27, 1921 at the Christian Church Hospital. She was also born in the Christian Church Hospital. Her mother died shortly after her birth. Her usual residence is listed on her death certificate as 1503 E 35th St, KCMO. Her fathers name was Harry Alburn, born in North Carolina and her mother was Mary Gibbons, of St Agnes Convent, born in Illinois. She was buried in Drexel, MO.

December 28, 1921 Ray Tate, born October 16, 1921, died this day. His mother is listed as Cecil Tate on his death certificate. He was buried Jan 3, 1922 in Leeds Cemetery. He’s the sixth baby to die in two weeks. 

January 9, 1922 A seventh baby, Sarah Kirk, born Nov 3, 1921in Missouri, passed away on this date. She was buried in Leeds Cemetery on January 14, 1922.

June 23, 1922 Seventeen children are in the home ranging in ages from 5 months to 10 years.

1924 61 babies were placed through the Evan’s Home.

April 25, 1930

Per the 1930 census, the order they’re listed in

Virginia, 5, F

Nanny Mae, 5, F

Arthur, 4 ½, M

Charles, 2 6/12, M

Donald, 2 3/12, M

Jack, 5 1/12, M

Paul, 4/12, M

Henry, 10/12, M

Jack L. ____, 1 7/12, M

Charles, 3/12, M

Bobby, 3/12, M

Francis, 3/12, F

Phil, 3/12, M

Richard, 3/12, M

Georgia Lee, 1 1/12, F

Pearl, 5/12, F

Patty, 8/12, F

Helen, 3/12, F

Josephine, 3/12, F

Betty Jo Ann, 3/12, F

Juinitis, 4/12, F

Dannie, 2/12, M

Jackie Joe, 1/12, M

All children are listed as born in the US. All mothers and fathers are listed as born in the US.

Divided by male and female, and then sorted into age

On April 25, 1930

Name, Age, Approximate Date of birth


Jack, 5 1/12, March 1925

Arthur, 4 ½, October 1925

Charles, 2 6/12, October 1927

Donald, 2 3/12, January 1928

Jack L. ____, 1 7/12, September 1928

Henry, 10/12, June 1929

Paul, 4/12, December 1929

Charles, 3/12, January 1930

Bobby, 3/12, January 1930

Phil, 3/12, January 1930

Richard, 3/12,  January 1930

Dannie, 2/12, February 1930

Jackie Joe, 1/12, March 1930


Virginia, 5, April 1925

Nanny Mae, 5, April 1925

Georgia Lee, 1 1/12, March 1929

Patty, 8/12, August 1929

Pearl, 5/12, November 1929

Juinitis, 4/12, December 1929

Francis, 3/12, January 1929

Helen, 3/12, January 1929

Josephine, 3/12, January 1929

Betty Jo Ann, 3/12, January 1929

January 25, 1935 16 children at present, 1400 had been placed over the last 10 years.

November 19, 1936 Children in the home vary from infant to 2-years-old. At this time, there were 17 babies. Until just recently 28 were being cared for. 13 had been placed in homes since the first of November. One child went to Honolulu the previous summer. In 16 years, they placed 2000 babies.

December 18, 1936 Since the first of Nov, 23 babies had been placed, both in and away from KC.

More than 2000 babies have been placed. Of the 23 placed, 12 were girls and 11 were boys.

January 15, 1937 12 boys and 2 girls are waiting to be adopted

December 7, 1937 16 babies, in the month 14 more were admitted and 15 were adopted.

1937 125 were placed

May 8, 1938 Each bed was cream colored, and had either a pink or blue blanket over the end.

Babies were adopted to almost every state and from Honolulu, India and Jerusalem. 2000 babies had been placed. (Three babies from the article on this date pictured below).


October 20, 1940 Placed 400 babies in the last four years


April 9-10, 13-19, 1940

Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri Ward 7, Block 2-3, St Lukes Nurses Home 1-9, Kansas City Cradle, 10-17; SD 5, ED 116-143; Sheet 8A


Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri Ward 7, Block 1, 12, 24, The Cradle lines 53-56; SD 5, ED 116-143; Sheet 61B

Babies listed on the census

Rosie Johnson, F, 1/12, born aprox. March, 1940

Murrell Woodward, F, 1/12, born aprox March, 1940

Infant Tyler, M, 0/12, born aprox March-April, 1940

Infant Foster, M, either 1/12 or 2/12, corrected, born aprox Feb-March, 1940

Infant Newman, M, 0/12, born aprox March-April, 1940

Infant Stockton, M, 2/12, born aprox Feb., 1940

Robert Singer, M, 6/12, born aprox Nox 1939

1941 89 babies were admitted this year, 2 were returned from probation. 65 of these babies were from the Eastside Maternity Hospital. According to the report from the Adoptions Department if the Juvenile Court, there were 454 adoption petitions granted in Jackson County, of which 62 came from the Cradle. Mrs. Matthews claimed there were 74 adoptions from the Cradle in this year.

October 9, 1944 20 babies, 10 boys 10 girls, more than 2000 babies placed since 1915

July 12, 1945 2 babies at the home, and they were “spoken for” There had been between 20-25 babies enrolled there until 6/1/1945. 851 adoptions since the new building in 1937.