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Baby Girl, Born March 30, 1954

My best friends mother, and basically my second mother since I was five-years-old, was adopted from the Willows. If any of this info sounds familiar, please contact me.  Physically, she's 5'2", 130 lbs, blue eyes, brown curly hair.

I've also created a map of the cities I think her biological mother came from.

She found her birth name is Paulette Hasten


Adoption file# 20081

Social History

Name of Mother:

Referred By:  Willows Hospital

Date Entered Hospital: 12/29/1953

Date of Referral: 12/30/1953

Date Delivery Expected: 4/5/1954

Child’s Name:

Birth Date:

Source of Information: Mother of Baby, high school report cards, reports from family physician

History By:

Data Regarding Parents

Mother: 17 years old, 5’6”, 140 lbs, medium brown, wavy hair, worn in a short bob, large dark blue eyes, medium complexion. Her mother is Irish. Her father is English, French, Dutch. Senior in high school. Member of the Baptist church. Attractive. Clear, pretty complexion, good teeth, pretty smile. Above average intelligence. Good sense of humor, makes the best of any situation.

Father: 23 years old. Single. 5’9”, medium build. Dark brown, straight hair, green eyes, medium complexion. English and Irish. High School graduate. Recently discharged as a sergeant in the U.S. ______. “It is believed he is now employed as a meat cutter”. Protestant.

Mother: Born in a town of 3000 population. Has always lived in this small town. Freshman through Junior years of high school she had a better than average GPA. Intends to complete high school and take a business course. She would like to be a secretary.

Health: She’s had a tonsillectomy. Does not wear glasses. Slightly allergic to wool.

She’s been baptized in the Baptist Church. Until a year ago, she’d been active in the church. She now attends the Christian Church.

She is in high school and very active in the music organizations. She plays the drums in the band and is a twirler for the marching unit. Member of the mixed choir and glee club. Member of the Pep club, home economies organization,

Outside of school, her main interest is being outside. She enjoys riding, swimming and tennis. She and her father are very interested in Indian lore and spend much time hunting arrowheads. She likes to read history, fiction and detective stories.

Met the father June 16, 1953. Did not date him after September 1953. He is in the _____and is stationed in a camp near the mothers home. She was introduced to him by a mutual friend. They stopped dating when he decided to date another girl in her home town. The girl and her parents decided not to let the father know about the pregnancy. She was not interested in marriage, and she’s anxious that no one in her town knows. This was her mistake and she does not want to jeopardize the security of her child.

Mothers Mother: 47 years old. 5’_” tall, medium build, wavy brown hair, blue eyes, medium complexion. Her father is living (69 years of age). Her father always worked in ___ but retired about two months earlier. Mother died during the influenza epidemic when _______’s mother was 10. She has two brothers. One is a mail carrier and works in the grocery store.  The second is employed in a _______. Two sisters, both housewives.

She completed her junior year in high school. She worked some time in a hatchery and then as a clerk in a clothing store. She’s been married 18 years and has three children.

Health: She’s had a hysterectomy.

Member of the Baptists church.

_____ described her mother as sweet and friendly but she tended to be “narrow minded”. Her mother is quite strict and _______ thinks children ought to have more privileges. _____’s mother like cooking, and housekeeping. Works part time as a bookkeeper in her husbands business.

Knows of her daughters pregnancy and thinks adoption is the best idea.

Mothers Father: 45 years old, born in (I believe it’s a state that ends in “I”, so Missouri, Mississippi or Hawaii. Hawaii can be excluded because it wasn't a state until 1959. Missouri is most likely.) 5’11”, slender build, brown hair, brown eyes, his mother is 69 years old. Father died of natural cause, one brother, stillborn.

Completed his junior year in high school. Had to leave school to work as a mechanic. Now owns his own glass shop and is a glasscutter.

Health: Member of the Baptist church. _____ describes her father  as easy going. Like to fish and hunt. Member of the Odd Fellows. Knows of the pregnancy and believes she should place the baby for adoption.

Mother’s Siblings:

Brothers: 14 years old. Freshman in high school. Average student. Member of the mixed chorus.  Plays the coronet in the high school band. 5’7”, slender build, brown hair and blue eyes.

Sisters: 15 years old. Sophomore. Above average student. Pep club. 5’7”, 160 lbs. _____describes her as large and big boned. Blonde hair and blue eyes.

Family Health History: Per physician, no history of any hereditary disease.

Fathers: 23 years old. Stationed near mother but lived in ________. English and Irish. Served for 3 years, served in the Korean theatre. Discharged September 1953 as a Sergeant.


Good health.


________ was flattered by the attention from the alleged father. He was good-looking and charming, Lots of fun, cheerful, enjoyed a good time. Musical. Sang and played guitar. Also liked sports and the movies.

Fathers Family: The father didn’t speak much about his parents. She gathered through conversation they were divorced. He’d been raised by his grandparents. _______thought he was an only child. 

Boy, Born August 28, 1942

Adopted as James Donald Fischer, listed as Baby Smith on his adoption records

Born 8/28/1942 at 12:30p at Jackson County Emergency Hospital (Now TMC Lakewood in Lee’s Summit, MO). Baby was 6 lbs 11 oz, normal birth. The mother had received prenatal care at Jackson County Emergency Hospital since 7/2/1942. It was noted that she had a long labor.

Adoption file# A12592

Referred By: Juvenile Court. Someone, presumably hospital staff, asked that someone visit with the mother on September 1, 1942, four days after the birth. Great speed was requested as the hospital wished to release the mother.

Data Regarding Parents

Mother: 21 years old, 5’1”, 130 lbs, green eyes, medium brown hair, claims to always have been exceedingly healthy. This was her first time in a hospital. She has a round face, heavy features, and very long shapely hands and fingers. She finished elementary school and has worked as a maid since the age of 18 in various homes.

The afternoon of September 2, 1942 (5 days after birth), the mother was interviewed. She stated to the hospital that she was a widow. She stated her husband died of appendicitis. When she was told the death would be investigated, she admitted she’d never been married. She wished to pose as a married woman, but knew if she stated her husband were alive, he’d be held responsible for the cost of care. Legal release was signed this afternoon.

Father: 18 years old, 140 lbs. Education unknown. Employed as a laborer in a mill. Lives with his parents. The mother met the parents of the father but didn’t know what they did. He and his parents are all medium sized.

Mother knew the father for 2-3 years. There was a promise of marriage.

Mothers Mother: Died of diabetes before 8/28/1942

Mothers Father: Died of a heart attack before 8/28/1942

Mother’s Siblings: Mother had one sister. The sister was married at the time of this childs birth. Her husband works on a farm making $65 a month and they’re unable to care for the baby. He is stockily built and has a 7th grade education. He was a railroad laborer and later was on WFA.

Summation: Mother was born in about 1921. Father was born in about 1924. They met around 1939-1940. She was 18-19, he was 15-16.

The mother got pregnant between late November early December 1941.

Mother has one sister who was married to a farm laborer before 8/28/1942. There is no mention of this couple having their own children at this time.

Her parents were both deceased before 8/28/1942.

She spent 5 days with her baby before relinquishing him.

This was her first stint in the hospital. Presumably this was her first child.