The Kansas City Cradle

Kansas City Cradle

People Associated with the Kansas City Cradle

1920 Harry M. Evans, a Kansas City Banker, who lived in Pasadena, CA 11/29/1936, established the home.

December, 27 1921 Miss Mary G. Burman, Superintendent of Mercy Hospital

Mrs. E.T. Brigham, Secretary of the Social Service Exchange

Mrs. Harry E. Minty, Chairman and Director of the Mattie Rhodes Day Nursery & a member of the Board of trustees of the Council of Social Agencies

L.A. Halbert, Secretary of the Council of Social Agencies

December 30, 1921 Mrs. T.W. Hill, Superintendent retires today due to the death of babies at the home.

January 1, 1922

Mrs. Mary G. Berman Member of the Board

D. Ellison Member of the Board

Mrs. Hugh Miller Member of the Board

Mrs. W.P. Grimes Member of the Board

Mr. B.F. Moore Member of the Board, President on 1/8/1922, possibly resident of Long Beach, CA

Seven women actively involved in the home have been invited to join the board. They are as follows:

Mrs. W. N. Collins

Mrs. Robert J England

Mrs. A.S. McCreary

Mrs. Joseph Havens

Mrs. Lawrence Mabels

Mrs. George Kumpt

Mrs. B.J. Hart

January 8, 1922

Howard McCutcheon, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Charities Committee

Mrs. Garrett Ellison, daughter-n-law of Mr. Ellison & sister in law of Harry M. Evans - second vice president

January 10, 1922 Mrs. Harriet M. Robertson, director of the state Children’s bureau

April 22, 1922

Mrs. P.F. Cropper; Chairman of the Committee to raise funds for the home

Mrs. Frederick H. Michaelis, committee member

Mrs. Helen Payne, committee member

Mrs. Oscar H. Westerman, committee member

Mrs. Leroy Farmer, committee member

Mrs. Lynn Webb, committee member

June 2, 1922 Homer Talbot, Secretary of the Board of Charities and Corrections

June 23, 1922

Dr. Harry C. Berger, suggested an electrically heated bath tub.

Mrs. Virginia James, Superintendent

Mrs. Edna Schierenberg, head of the infant ward

Miss Myrtle Hunter, Matron

Dr. Charles Eldredge, House Physician

Miss Mary Honham, Board of Directors

Mrs. Garrett Ellison, Board of Directors

Mrs. Harry Hayes, Board of Directors

Mrs. P.R. Jordan , Board of Directors

Mrs. Rockwell, Board of Directors

Mrs. A.S. McCleary, Board of Directors

Mrs. Hugh Miller, Board of Directors

F.H. Thwing, Board of Directors

January 25, 1935

Edgar Shook- Treasurer

William J. Brace, President, elected early Jan 1935 (William J. Brace)

May 7, 1936

Albert W. Peet of St Luke’s Hospital Association; 5/8/1938 second VP, 7/12/1944 director and VP of St Luke’s

            Edgar Shook – Lawyer 11/29/1936 Treasurer

            John P. Gilmer – spoke for the rezoning

            Paul E. Flagg – Secretary of the Board

May 17, 1936

Keene & Simpson designed the building

            Mrs. Hal Brace - Vice President

            A.W. Peet - Vice President

            W.E. Evans - Vice President

            Mrs. Lawrence R. Maben – Secretary

            Edgar Shook – Treasurer

Mrs. Mary J. Weaver – Superintendent, resigned 7/2/1936, began a few years after its founding

Dr. Thomas L. Draney – Physician

Deaths: Dr. Thomas L. Draney 

Abstract Obituary for Dr. Thomas Draney (1889-1955), a pediatrician dying at the age of 64, with offices in the Argyle Building and residence at 6415 Main Street, a Kansas City resident since 1918 and native of Seneca, Kansas. 

Date August/12/1955 

Source Kansas City Times 

Location Microfilm 

Page 12    

            Mrs. B.F. Burd - Director

            Mrs. W. J. Brace – Director – 11/29/36 Chairman of the House Committee

Previously Mildred M. White 5/8/38, president of the board, and largely responsible for raising funds for the new building

Born 12/3/1898 died March 1975 KCMO 64112, SS# 487-50-7243

            Mrs. P.R. Cooper - Director

            Mrs. Hermann C. Henriel - Director

            Mrs. Glen E. Henderson - Director

            Mrs. A.C. Hahn - Director

            Mrs. John M. Kelley - Director

            Mrs. Harry Hartge - Director

            Mrs. Fred Michaels - Director

            Mrs. A. Wayne Miller - Director

            Mrs. Albert Scrumphs - Director

            O.G. Bitler – Director

            E.F. Swinney - Trustee of the Endowment Fund

            Henry M. Beardsley - Trustee of the Endowment Fund

            A. Wayne Miller - Trustee of the Endowment Fund

June 27, 1936

            J.P. Gilmer of the Kansas City Title and Trust Co

            James W. Weldon, of the Ward C. Gifford Realty Company, arranged the sale of land

November 26, 1936

Mrs. Pearl Shirley Matthews – becomes new superintendent, formerly secretary to Rev. Stuart B. Edmondson, pastor of the Country Club United Methodist Church

Mrs. Pearl S. Matthews

Mrs. Pearl S. Matthews, 95, of Lee’s Summit, a former teacher in Missouri, died Wednesday at a nursing home in Lee’s Summit. She was born in Johnson County in Missouri. Mrs. Matthews had lived in Greater Kansas City most of her life. She was a graduate of Central Missouri State Teachers College (now Central Missouri State University), Warrensburg. Mrs. Matthews taught in the Warrensburg area until moving to Kansas City in 1919. She was a member of the Country Club United Methodist Church 60 years.

She leaves a nephew and a niece.

A memorial service will be at 3 pm Saturday at the Church. The family requests no flowers and suggests contributions be made to aid mentally retarded children.

Miss Laura Gilmore, head nurse for previous four years and interim superintendent, now assistant superintendent

November 29, 1936

Chamber of Commerce financed the maintenance

Mrs. Albert W. Peel, second vice president

W.E. Evans, third vice president

January 15, 1937

            Miss Lillian Kierans - Nurse

            Mrs. Mary Clemens - Nurse

            Mrs. Lillian Miller - Nurse

            Mrs. Anna Henry – Nurse

Cradle was financed through the Allied Charities & partly through private subscription.

May 8, 1938

Mrs. Fred Michaelis – Third VP

O.G. Bitler – Position not listed

Richard J Potts Member of the board, treasurer

Mrs. Herman C. Henrici Position not listed

Mrs. Arthur P. TenBrook Position not listed

Mrs. John M. Kelley Position not listed

Mrs. Henry Hartgem Position not listed

Mrs. Hall Brace Position not listed

Mrs. CH Sigler Position not listed

Mrs. O.G. Bitler Position not listed

Mrs. Albert Scrumphs Position not listed

Mrs. Milton W. Mcreevy Position not listed

Mrs. A. Wayne Miller Position not listed

Picture not dated

Hazel Anderson - Nurse

April 9-10, 1940

Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri Ward 7, Block 2-3, St Lukes Nurses Home 1-9, Kansas City Cradle, 10-17; SD 5, ED 116-143; Sheet 8A

Pearl S. Matthews, age 55, superintendent, child caring institution, Income $1440

Laura Gilmore, age 43, Nurse, Income $1200

James Jones, age 26, Houseman Income $260

Jessie Mae Jones, age 26, Cook Income $288


January 18, 1941

Richard J. Potts, Vice President and Treasurer

Mrs. Clarence J. Sigler - Vice President

W.E. Evans - Vice President 5/8/38 First VP

Mrs. Lawrence R. Maben, Secretary1942

C.W. Pfeiffer Wrote a report on the Kansas City Cradle

Executive Budget Committee

Community Fund

R.J. Clark wrote a letter re: the Cradle and the Board misrepresentation in the community.

July 12, 1945 David T. Beals – Treasurer of St Luke’s – added to the board to help with St Luke’s transition

KC Arts Benefactor is dead by the Star Staff

David T Beals, III, 71, prominent as a patron of the arts in Kansas City, was found dead April 16, 1987, at his farm in southern Kansas City, police said today.

The Mission Woods resident was known as an outdoorsman and an expert horseman. HE spent much of his time at the farm.

Mr. Beals served on the Kansas City Board of the Police Commissioners in the 1950’s. A member of an old Kansas City family, he was the great-grandson of Seth Ward, a pioneer whose farm now makes up a large of the Kansas City Country Club District. As a young man, he was an executive in the coal business and was president of the Cherokee Fuel Co. in 1951 until its sale to the Sinclair Coal Co. in 1955.

He was an art collector and was recognized for his support of the Nelson Gallery. His father served as a long-time university trustee at the Nelson Gallery.

“Dave Beals was an art collector, a generous donor to the museum and very interested in the welfare of the Nelson-Atkins Museum” said Michael Churchman, director of development at the Nelson Gallery. “He was a member of the museum’s Business Council, a member of Council of the Society of Fellows, and served on its Visiting Committee for European art.”

Mr. Beals served as joint master of foxhounds for the Mission Valley Hunt. He had been a member of the hunt almost since its inception 60 years ago.

When he joined the 2nd Calvary Division at Fort Riley, Kan., early in World War II, he took his horse with him. He served in Europe as a lieutenant colonel with the 9th Armored Division, and was awarded the Bronze Star. After returning from the war, he joined the Missouri National Guard. He was a staff officer of the 35th Division of the National Guard and retired as a colonel.

Survivors include his wife, Jeanne McCray Beals.

Services are pending.

David T. Beals, III

Services for David T. Beals, III, 71, south Kansas City, who died April 16, 1987, at the home, will be at 11 am Monday, at St. Paul Episcopal Church, Kansas City; burial in Mount Washington Cemetery. The family suggests contributions to Children’s Mercy Hospital or St. Luke’s Hospital.

Mr. Beals was president of the Cherokee Fuel Co. from 1951 to 1955. Earlier he worked in the treasury department of Trans World Airlines Inc. and was an assistant to the president of the Crowe Coal Co. He also had been vice president and a board member of the Lift-Slab Corp.

Mr. Beals was a graduate of Yale University and a 1940 graduate of Harvard University. He was a member of Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral. He was a member of the Kansas City Country Club, the River Club, the University Club, and the Mission Valley Hunt Club, where he was a joint master. He was a lifelong resident.

Survivors include his wife, Jeanne Beals of the home.

Carl D. Matz – director and attorney – added to the board to help with St Luke’s transition

John R. Smiley Superintendent – added to the board to help with St Luke’s transition

Dr. Damon Walthall Staff member – added to the board to help with St Luke’s transition

Judge Ray G. Cowan did adoption in 1944; Div 7

Dr Kepner worked was KC Cradle

1950  Mary Lou Fenberg, Washington U Grad & The director of the adoption department which functions as a separate division of the court

Mary L. Fenberg

Mary Louise St. Clair Fenberg, midtown Kansas City, former director of adoptions for the Jackson County Juvenile Court, died July 25, 1988, at Kingswood Manor Health Center, 10000 Wornall Road.

Mrs. Fenberg was director of adoptions for 15 years, after which she served as the executive of Girls Town, Mountain Grove, Mo. She returned to Kansas City to serve as social work director of the Rehabilitation Institute until she retired.

She was a member of the board of directors of the Seton Center; a docent of the Wornall House Museum; a member of the Friends of Art; and a volunteer at Truman Medical Center. She was a graduate of the University of Kansas and held a masters degree in social work from Washington University, St. Louis.

She was born in Kansas City and lived here most of her life.

Survivors include two daughters, Felicia F. Stitcher, Scottsdale, Ariz. And Vicki G. Gooch, Belton; a brother, Dr. Arthur W. St. Clair, Jackson, Miss.; two sisters Jane St Clair Wade, Kansas City and Judy Reid, Colorado Springs, and three grandsons.

The family suggests memorial contributions to Multiple Sclerosis Society.